a few work outs.

Following Smolov, my previous work out partner and I ran Cube King Pin. I really loved many aspects of Cube KP. About that time however, I switched work hours. My partner and I had to split ways. He is a powerlifter, so following us running Smolov and then KP together, I had become accustomed to that tempo of training.
I wanted to move into building some size and strength alongside of each other. So I developed a program that would do that. I was fortunate also, to have one of my much younger, much less experienced friends request to start training with me. I used the same program for him, as I had designed for myself. I did not expect our results. 7weeks:

Me (moderate to high intensity): 15lbs of low BF% mass, consistent PR’s weekly(2-10lbs per lift).
Him (moderate intensity, unimpeded mechanical progressions): 11lbs of mass (the boy has like, 5% BF always) progression from Salmon ladders to full sets of chin and pull ups. Almost 200lb increase in DL (following mechanical correction). 60lb increase to high bar squat. 45lb change in bench. Progression from bench dips to weighted dips. Positive change in posture, joint stability and balance.
Truly, seeing his progression is the reason I got into this field. Listed below, in no particular order, are the workouts we used. all written on note cards and drawn at random to start each week. At weeks 3, 5 and 6 we took 3-5days off for either static recovery or Yoga practice.


Test Day (3rd favorite)
3×3 DL at 40-50% MAX
2×2 DL at 60-70%
3×1 DL  @previous max, chase a new PR.
5mins rest
3×5 Pausing Goblet Squat
3×5 Front Squat
10×3 Dips or weighted push up
10×3 Military press

Suit case carry 3×3
Glute-Ham machine 5×13
Hanging leg raise 5×5
Straight leg, deficit DL 7×3
Budhas 5×7
Good Mornings 5×13
Dragon Flag 7×3

5×5 Skin The Cat (STC)
5×5 Chin Ups
5×5 Explosive pull up or Salmon Ladder
5×5 Front Lever progression or Salmon Ladder
7×5 Rear Shoulder Press (safety first!)
7×5 Military Press
1 round of Giant Killers

5×5 Dip
3×12 Bangers
3×10 Hanging leg raise
3×10 Tri-ext
3×10 Sit Up + Ab Wheel super set
3×5 Rear shoulder press
3×12 face pull
3×12 Diamon Push up

Chest Day
10×3 Push up/weighted push up
5×9 Dips
3 or 5×7 Bench
3 or 1x failure, incline bench W/Bands or chains.
Cable machine walk up (do 5 reps at each arm setting on the cable fly machine from the bottom to the top)

Complex Day (2nd favorite)
3×7 DL, Clean, chest press and front squats, individually
7×3 Barbell complex (DL->Clean->Chest Press->Front squat. That’s one.)

Pull/Push Penitentiary Penance
4x 21 Dead Lift
4x 21 Pull Downs
4x 21 Push Up/Dip or Hindu push up
2x 13 Bent over row
2x 13 Bench
4 x 21 Chin up/Pull up or Salmon Ladder
2×5 Muscle up
Because, Fuck You.

5×5 Back raises
5×5 Hanging leg raise
3x Full back bend 10sec hold
3×7 Axe chops
3x Dragonflag 10sec hold
7×5 rear shoulder press+ 7×5 Military press super set
3x failure Face Pulls.

Squat/Tri day (FAVORITE)
Week 1-4
3x Walking Lunge
4×7 ATG High Bar
3×12 Banger from knees
5×5 Goblet Squat
3×12 Dips
3×6 Front Squat
5×7 Diamond Push Up
Week 4+
3x Walking Lunge
5×13 Goblet Squat
5×5 Dip
7×3 Front Squat
3×12 Diamond Push
7×3 or 4×7 ATG High Bar squat
3×12 or 7×3 Bangers

Advanced Complex Day (no beginners)
3×7 Squat, Chin up and Muscle Up
7×3 Squat->Chin up-> Muscle Up
5min recovery
4×3 Wide pull + Hanging leg raise

As Always, I hope to hear that this program has helped someone see considerable change and advances in their training.
Keep Growing Stronger.


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