Breathing. It’s such an important aspect of every day life. That we never stop to take stock of. It has an optimal ratio in line with the Heart of 1:4 breaths/beat. But its Rhythm is dominated by our psyche. It’s from this driving seat that so many Schizms & Side Effects can create them selves from a lack of Oxygen, Circulation; CNS reset & Cortisol control. Anxious and Depressive states can be Controlled & Managed. Creative Spark can be triggered. Digestion can also become slowed or compromised.
A Myriad of ailments can all be Eliminated with a simple daily practice.

for 10 minutes a day, for a week give this practice a try and see if your well being doesn’t improve. You can also expect improvement in athletic practices.

Sit for 5 minutes.
Sit on your kness with shins folded under you. Striaght back. Glutes upon the heels.
Place your hands in the V of your legs and pubis.
Breath all the way into your hands.
-Change position-
Sit for 5 Minutes.
Raise from Glutes on Heels to hips extended.
Place hands behind you, butt of your palm on your SI jt and top of hips.
Breath into your Taint/grundle/undercarriage


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