Duality in Training; Using other Disciplines to Bolster your Athletic Toolkit.

Like Peanut Butter & Jelly, certain modalities already go together. Think: Track & Field for an Offensive or Defensive Back. Pilates for dancers.
But have you considered adding or exploring, for a mirco-cycle, an entirely new discipline & Focus?

I predominately train with Weights & Calisthenics. I did however, yield huge gains in both. Following an intensive Two-Week Pilates crash course from a fellow trainer.
The Neural, Electrical and Myofascial Control I learned changed my Calisthenic approach forever for the positive.

The Later I found ‘Yoga With Adrienne’ on YouTube. I had done a few yoga classes beforehand, but the teachers always had a rigid approach and rigid bodies.
Adrienne’s teaching was different. So I committed to a 30-day Yoga Practice.

I have a new Appreciation and Embody a new Understanding of the processees at play, and the purpose of Stretching.
But more suprising is my nervous Control. I feel more and more like Peter Parker post spider bite, every day. I find I no longer slip on most everything that used to send me askew. Change of direction in high traffic areas is no longer a guessing game. When I stretch now, the stretches are deeper, efficient and precise. Resulting in a more dynamic and effective, very Efficient period of stretching time out of my day. Which feels rewarding rather than taxing. So I am further inclined to make it part of my day-to-day.

I further plan to add Acroyoga, English and Latin dance and Capoeira into my expanded toolkit to further my understanding of kinesiology and myofascia at rates of movementwith real tempo.


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