One of my favorite fitness motto-quotes is “You don’t have to be Great, to start. You just have to Start, to be great.”

So here are Five, incredibly simple tweaks to your personal health toolkit. These will tremendously help both Beginner and Moderate fitness levels. They can also help Bolster an experienced fitness enthusiasts or athletes.

1) Take the Time for DDB:
Two minutes a day “connects to your Breath” as my Yoga teacher would say. Aside from the obvious Cardiovascular implications, DDB also bring awareness to the “Background Brain” or Peripheral Nervous System.
Aristotle stated: “we are what we repeatedly do.”
So if we apply this to the PNS, then figure in Breathing, it’s easy to see why correcting our habit of how we breath, is going to make an Impact on our all-over Health.

2) 10 minute fasted, morning walk.
I’m serious. This will do so much to start your day off; Metabolically, Digestively, Circulatory and Energetically.

3) Start to fix your posture, with walking.
Walk on a treadmill or find a trail or path. You’re looking for something with a sustained 2-5% grade/incline. Setting +1-4.5 on most treadmills.
Push through your Hips, rather than your chest/head while walking at a brisk pace. During movement, focus on taking longer and longer strides.

4) Walk with Purpose!
Whether you’re on the treadmill or the trail; Walk like you’re going somewhere, because you are!
You’re Going to be Healthy!
You’re Going to be Happy you did it!
You’re Going to lose the weight!
You’re Going to (Why you started)!
You can see more change with the Right Mindset and the Wrong Plan; Then you would with the Wrong Mindset and Best Plan.

5) Find a Progression or Practice based Program
In the age we live in, you’re doing yourself a disservice by going with no plan. Especially as a beginner. A Progression/Practice based approach equips us with a sense of direction and a mindset that embraces the awkwardness of adapting to something new. That will evolve into a growth mindset, which will keep us striving for more than another daily routine.


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