Be as hard as your day

“Complacency Kills” – Military adage

“If You’re not Growing, You’re Dying” – Lou Holtz

“Life Energy Prevents Decay” – Dr Rudolph Stone

“Be harder than your day” – Fitness adage

There are so many ways to say it that we may be getting tired of hearing it. Along with words like “fitness” and “exercise”; which have become sour and bitter protagonists to sweeter things like “leisure” and “relaxation”.

All the while, we, as a society have less Energy. Less Focus. We’ve become Impotent and Flacid in the delivery of ourselves. It’s no longer that we don’t WANT to present ourselves in the best possible light. It’s that we no longer Feel Capable doing so.

In nine years of Practicing spatial medicine; be it Massage and Bodywork or Physical Fitness. I have noticed one thing above all else: Clients leave my care with goals. Not goals that I requested or implemented for them. But goals THEY felt newly Achievable.

Take a Young man, and teach him to Deadlift; after enough time He is going to feel like he can lift his support system to his level. Teach him to Ruck, and he’s going to feel like he can make the journey through some uncertain and unknown journey, and he’ll be able to ‘Shoulder the Load’.

Take Grandma, and get her a few sessions in on the table. Open her range of motion through the legs, pelvis/hips, lower core and give her a renewed ability to: Bend, squat, and twist. She’s going to Feel limber enough to chase the grand babies around the yard for a few hours so Mom and Dad can go to the farmers market on a Saturday.

Herein lies the problem though, and brings me to my point: How did they GET to that point? dysfunctional bodies are made. So how did they get there?

Our Thoughts Influence our Beliefs which Affect our Actions that Lead to our Thoughts.

We ‘Think’ that “exercise” has to be some huge event. We ‘Believe’ that “we don’t have time” to work out. So we ‘Do’….nothing but bitch about how much pain we’re in, or how tired we are.

In actuality, All we Need to do, is Commit to Move a little more than our day is going to demand of us. If you work at a desk, for 6-12 hours a day, than half an hour of walking total is going to pay dividends. If you’re on your feet, doing something like Retail for that amount of time, than half an hour of Bending, twisting, extending; MOVING. Would similarly pay dividends.

Play on YouTube, with something other than funny cat videos. It has a multitude of Yogis, movement guru’s, ‘At-Home’ work outs, all things you can find Easily around 10-45 minutes.
Aim to do the meat of your movement first thing in the morning, fasted (before you eat). You’ll find your breakfast or your morning stimulant carries you further into the day when it’s SUPPLEMENTING and not REPLACING your own bodies naturally occurring circadian energies.

Doing a movement practice, an exercise routine or a Disciplined Workout first thing in the morning is also going to do something that our breakfast routine cannot: It’s going to build a daily Resilience Buffer.
It’s going to make you ‘as Hard as Your Day’.

A few of my own favorite practices/motivators in descending difficulty are as Follows:
CT Fletcher
Tee Major Fitness
Ido Portal
Al Kavadlo
Yoga With Adriene


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